Puerto Vallarta to Mazatlan

Time to post a few pictures that I took when we left Puerto Vallarta and also a few from the park in Mazatlan.  I mentioned before that there are two routes between Tepic and PV and neither is very good. I didn’t mention that there are actually four but the other two are very bad. I drove the Tracker and Steve followed while I navigated one of the very bad routes.  There is a brand new road being cut from north of Tepic to San Blas and that will become the preferred way eventually, although we don’t plan to drive to Puerto Vallarta again. Mazatlan is so much nicer and there is no need to torture ourselves with the drive. This route we took on highway 57 was very pretty though and I’m glad we drove it.  I would not recommend it for larger RV’s and unfortunately we still came out in the middle of Tepic so we had to pay one of the tolls that we would have missed going the coastal route. P1030323-2Steve had to often drive into the middle of the road to avoid low hanging branches. The good news was there was no one else on this road.  It climbs and winds for a long time.  I would guess this choice of routing took two extra hours in getting us to Mazatlan. We came through this little town high in the Sierra Madres and were stopped because of a parade and celebration. I was about 30 seconds too late to get a picture of all the horse riders in their white hats at the front of the parade. P1030328-2P1030329-2P1030331-2All the fruits and vegetables at this stand were yellow or green P1030338-2 Paper flags strung over main street as far as you can see P1030024Here we are parked up at Las Jaibas RV Park in Mazatlan for a month.