Rhythms of the Night

Rhythms of the Night is an everything tour in Puerto Vallarta that wows from the first minute to the last.  It’s a boat trip with open bar and music, it’s an all you can eat buffet, and it is a first class musical show.  First we took a boat from the marina to the Las Caletas beach hideaway on the southern side of Banderas Bay.  The boat ride is over an hour long, going full speed in a catamaran but the time went fast with music on board, open bar, dancing, and entertainment from the crew.

P1030240-3P1030243-3P1030249-3When we arrived at Las Caletas Beach, we walked along a path and encountered  mythical characters perched here and there among the rocks.

P1030251-3P1030252-3P1030254-3P1030273-3I would say there were at least 350 people between the four boats on the tour and wondered how crowded it would be at the beach.  But the organizers had skillfully set up many cozy dining areas, each with it’s own buffet.  The buffet included, beef, chicken, shrimp, many vegetables and salads, desert, and wine.  Different musicians came to the tables and played for us.  The harp player sure wowed my mother.

P1030277-3There were thousands of candles and torches lighting the dining areas and walkways. Everything was just immaculate with beautiful palms and plants along the paths. Even the bathrooms were worthy of being photographed which I didn’t do but should have.

After we ate we all went to an outdoor theater area for a show that was themed as ancient mayan but with a modern Cirque du Soleil twist. It was fast paced dance with beautiful costumes, drums, lots of fire, and acrobatics. We were not allowed to take pictures during the show. I did not expect to see a show so professionally well done on a remote beach far from the city but it definitely compared to anything you would see in Las Vegas or even better.

P1030270-3Too soon it was time to walk back to the boats for the long ride back to Puerto Vallarta

P1030291-3Looking back at Las Caletas Beach

P1030293-3We assumed the boat ride back would be long and tiring but it was anything but.  The crew dressed up as the rock band “Queen” and put on a show that almost had us on the floor laughing.  Oh my, it was SOOO good!

I think initially my mother was shocked that we bought the expensive tickets for Rhythms of the Night but when it was over she thought it was a bargain and had a wonderful time.  It was definitely a night to remember.


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