Back In The Saddle

Much was accomplished the past month while we stayed in Colorado Springs at my mother’s house.  Much money was spent too!  Day before yesterday, Steve spent the entire day at an RV service center while they installed the Wave 3 catalytic heater that we bought.  The installation charge was almost double what the darn heater cost!  Today when we got to a spot for the night in western Colorado, I opened the pantry to start supper and a can of pop came tumbling out and busted open on the floor.  Half the RV got splattered including the high tech pad of the brand new heater.  Steve turned it on to see if it would still work and the pad started burning up.  So now we will have to somehow send the heater back to the factory to get a new pad.
Otherwise we had a great day driving through the mountains in beautiful weather.  I was having a good time riding shotgun taking lots of pictures with my new camera.  However, right now we are having a wind and rain storm that is rocking the RV but we are safely parked so it doesn’t matter.



                                                     Collegiate Mountains near Buena Vista
                                                                  Blue Mesa Lake
                                                      Looking towards the San Juan Mountains