La Parota Trailer Park, Lo De Marcos

Two weeks behind and where do I start?  I’ve got no excuses for being this late in letting you all know what we have been doing although the last couple of weeks have seen us on the go almost everyday. Every time I get this far behind I want to quit the blog altogether but then my mother writes and says reading a post from me is the high point of her day. And I keep thinking it would be nice for my daughter to have the blog to read once we are gone so that she will know where her inheritance went!

I mentioned in my last post that we were in Lo De Marcos but didn’t have enough bandwidth to upload pictures so I might as well start there. I also mentioned that several people in the park had gone whale watching, Steve included. I took a picture of this boat a week before the whale watching trip as it was always anchored a little off shore and the home of several pelicans. Steve and eleven other people walked to the beach to take their tour which I presumed would be on a good-sized boat. What a surprise to learn it was this one, although it had been cleaned of the pelican leavings. They never saw any whales but for about $10 each it wasn’t a great loss.

Mexican Whale Watching Boat

The La Parota Trailer Park is the nicest park in Mexico we have stayed in. It is four years old and still new enough that the humid and salty air hasn’t started the deterioration that we see in most places along the ocean.  The owner, Juan Jose, is a retired school teacher who wanted to build the best park in Mexico. The sites are large with huge patios and best of all flowering hedges between each site for privacy and shade. Juan Jose teaches Spanish classes (free) three times a week to residents of the park and someone else holds yoga classes on the rooftop of the bathhouse/laundry building.

DSC_6539DSC_6546Overlooking the park and ocean from the bath house roof top

20150112LoDeMarcos-19The wall behind the RV has nice foliage too and the park has grass!

20150112LoDeMarcos-21DSC_6537Molly the water lover, refused to leave the tub we keep water in to clean her feet. On this day she sat and laid in the water for over two hours until we could finally coax her out.

DSC_6547Looks like someone is building a castle next door. Actually, there are several mansion type houses with turrets and towers going up in town.  We were here five years ago and Lo De Marcus has changed since then. It was a quiet little fishing village of mostly poor people then but now it is clear that some money has come to town. There are rumors……better left unsaid.

20150112LoDeMarcos-13Lo De Marcos is situated around a little bay and on this morning we had the beach to ourselves. I took so many pictures of the ocean and beach that I can’t decide which ones to show you so that will have to wait until next time.