Going North


Villas El Dorado Hotel and RV Park

Steve was hoping to complete the dental implant work that was started in Algodones near Yuma last year but a local dentist said it would take 5 weeks and we didn’t want to stay in Rincon that long.  Therefore, we are making our way north and will go back to Algodones and if it really does require 5 weeks, we’ll decide what to do then.  At least we can camp for free around Yuma as opposed to paying $20+ a night in Mexico along the west coast.

And more on the medical front:  Steve is supposed to get a blood test each month because he takes blood thinners.  His doctor in Colorado Springs requires that he see her first so she can say “how are you” and charge $120.  Then charge another $37 for the finger prick and $45 for the blood tests results.  We walked into a clinic in La Penita and the cost was just under $10.  No doctor involvement and not necessary because if Steve’s levels are too low or too high he is the one that advises the doctor on how much his medication should be adjusted anyway.  Medical care in the U.S. is nothing but a get rich racket for the medical profession.  I used to think it was the insurance companies at fault but not any longer.

Also, I had been sick since March/April and just couldn’t get well.  One of the reasons I wanted to go to Mexico was to hopefully feel better being 6500 feet lower in elevation.  I had been to my doctor in Colorado twice and after a few thousand dollars worth of cardiac tests and then next she wanted a CT scan of my head. I decided to see a doctor in Mexico.  A chest X-ray and blood work revealed a bacterial infection in both lungs.  Wow!  So simple.  A course of antibiotics and for the first time in about 10 months I feel human and have my enthusiasm back.  No more night sweats, no more pain when I breathe deep, no more feeling like I am going to pass out when I walk, no more lack of energy.  Some of these American doctors have gone overboard in presuming everyone is just looking for antibiotics and that a zillion expensive tests are in order.  Or that it must be allergies or “are you depressed”?  Yes, I am depressed.  You would be too if you were sick for months and months.  The cost for the Mexican doctor, tests, and antibiotics was less than $100 and I have the X-ray film and lab results to show my doctor if/when this illness happens again.