Miami to Nassau


I am going to post pictures in a small size since I don’t know yet how fast the internet is on board.  Wifi is available all over the ship, even in our room. That’s a temptation  but at 65 cents a minute I must resist.

The Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas has a different atmosphere entirely from the Carnival cruises we have taken in the past.  The crowd is older and definitely quieter.  We’ve been eating in the huge Windjammer Café which is buffet dining and the food couldn’t be better.  It seems that most of the passengers are European as we hear so many languages and not all that much English.

We have a small inside state room that would have bothered us a few years ago but is now spacious compared to Tulip.   The beds are super comfortable and we are sleeping good along with the fact that there’s no cabin on either side of us and it’s been very quiet.

Our cabin steward is from Barbados and has been on this ship since it was launched 4 years ago.  He works 12 hours a day, 7 days a week for 7 months straight.  Then he is provided a ticket home for 5-7 weeks vacation before going back to sea again. 

The views from the ship before we left Miami were beautiful in every direction. 

Miami 4-2-2011 3-25-13 PM



There are several pools on board including this one for the kids.  There’s even a wave machine, a rock climbing wall, and an ice skating rink. 


View off one side of the ship in Nassau



                                 Port at Nassau

We’ve booked some shore excursion for future stops and decided to just walk around downtown Nassau a bit.  There are 3 cruise ships in port and therefore the town was pretty crowded.  We almost walked as far as the botanical garden but it was so hot and sticky that we gave up and turned back. 

Melbourne Beach

Here are a few pictures from our excursion to the beach yesterday.  We haven’t been doing too much other than sitting in the sun every day, eating all our meals by the pool, watching lots of movies, and leisurely doing errands.  Two weeks of this is about enough though.  At first we thought it would be great to have a house here and just take it easy forever.  But that’s not us.  We’re already thinking of what continent should come after Europe.  All I know is it better be one where the dollar isn’t in the tank!  




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Opened The Door and………

Wow!  Instead of freezing in Colorado we took up my cousins’ offer to stay in his vacation home on the central Atlantic coast of Florida until we go to Miami the 1st.  He and his wife left 3 days ago to return to their northern home and hid a key for us.  When we opened the front door to come inside we were actually still outside and this was the immediate view. There is actually another entrance on the right to the house and one on the left to the garage and mother-in-law apartment.   Really unique. Or maybe this is common in Florida, a state I know next to nothing about. (Other than being here briefly to get married and I don’t know much about that either).
We are pretty exhausted after the last couple of weeks preparation and stress.  This house is exactly what the doctor ordered and my cousin will never realize how much this means to us.  Maybe we will check the area out next week but for now, we are laying out.
This lake is behind the backyard and there are interesting birds to watch that dive into the water and catch fish.

Savannah to Jacksonville

        On the way south from Savannah we stopped at Wormsloe State Historic Site.   We went to everything the park has to offer which also gave us a good walk.

       We’re in a nice RV park in Jacksonville very near the airport where we pick up a rental car Thursday morning.  Pecan Park RV Resort offers the Passport America 50%  discount for as many days as wanted (other than holiday weekends).  We asked to be parked near the laundry as we have lots of wash to do, including all of our blanketsThe next few days are going to be busy ones for us getting everything rearranged, cleaned, our bags packed, the refrigerator cleaned out, and boxing up more excess for mailing back to Colorado.