Our overly sensitive dog Molly knows we are leaving for a long while and has been depressed ever since we arrived at our friend’s house yesterday.  Either that or she is trying to make me feel worse than I already do about leaving her.  I’ve never had a dog like her in that she is so serious and moody.  It’s got to be genetics and not upbringing because our last Cairn Terrier was a silly show-off.

Dogs 8Part of the problem is there are two other dogs in the house and she is fearful of all dogs at first and gives them a wide berth.

Dogs 2Tag is Top Dog in the house and does not want any human to pay attention to anyone but him so he gets growly if Molly goes near his owner or even us.  Molly needs to get mouthy right back but she won’t.  She only talks back to me.

Dogs 3This is sweet Amy.  Her owners have been in Ecuador for about a year and she is semi-permanently living here.  I’d like to see her and Molly make friends but Molly is probably going to pine for us until we return.

Molly does have an invisible friend living in the back door that makes squeaks (alarm) every time the door is opened.  She has been stalking it like a cat and I’ll be curious to know how long it takes her to figure out it’s a mechanical noise and not a little mouse friend or something.

Have I told you how hellishly hot it is in Yuma?  How does anyone manage to stay a summer here?  We had to go out today to pickup the rental car and also walk across the border to Mexico for meds.  Unbearably hot!!  Everyone that lives here stays indoors until October 31st when the temperatures subside.

On the subject of the rental car:  The prices on Expedia ran about $100 for an economy car for 24 hours.  Then I remembered it was possible to rent through Costco. Bingo!  $32 for a Nissan Altima.

Our friend left today for a funeral 4 hours away and will be gone overnight.  Good thing because our luggage and stuff is spread out all over the place.  The funny thing is that since she left Tag doesn’t act like the boss and is leaving Molly alone.  Steve left to wash our car.  I hope he finds his way back to the house because the GPS can’t even get us here – there are so many turns.

Luggage 1

The purple one is mine and is not even full, can you believe it?  (More room for shopping down under:)

I will take a picture of the ship with my phone tomorrow and try to make a post.  If not, our first port call is Puerto Vallarta September 2nd.  After that it is Tahiti on September 10th, Moorea the 11th, Bora Bora the 12th, Fiji the 17th, New Caledonia the 19th, and Sydney the 22nd.