Mijas, Spain

Now this was a great shore excursion.  We docked in the big city of Malaga which is on the Costa del Sol.  The drive to the high up village of Mijas took about 40 minutes.  Every single house is white and there’s a requirement that all houses must be painted each year to remain fresh looking.  Our tour guide was very relaxed and took us on a walk to show us the main sites and then left us on our own until it was time to meet the bus.  Our group was the very first one to arrive in the morning, early enough that no shops were open yet.  It was great because we had the whole town to ourselves for about an hour.
The local bullring.  Every tour guide said that bullfighting has become more controversial in the last few years.  The province of Cataluña sp? (where Barcelona is) plans to stop bullfighting next year.  The Canary Islands doesn’t allow it either.
Courtyard of Mijas Museum
This courtyard was in the town’s museum. 
A 20 minute tour by donkey cost 10 EU.