It’s A Snow Day

We were supposed to get intermittent snow last night and maybe just an inch but when we woke up this morning it was one of those beautiful thick, hanging on every branch type snow days.  I had to grab the camera before breakfast.

But first, here is what some of our trees and the sky looked like yesterday….



And today


April is the very best month for wet and heavy snows in Colorado.  It’s possible to get snow every few days with sunshine in between that melts it all.  Other than the summer time, I like April the best.  The winter months? No way. Too cold, too dry, and not much snow.


Only in the morning is the air still enough that the heavy snow clings to the branches. 


Molly Dog gets almost as excited over snow as she does rain and taking a bath. She loves baths.  We just have to say that one word and she races upstairs and jumps in the tub before we can get there and put water in.

Just have to show off one more picture.  Steve had birthday this past weekend and we had a little party because it was the big 60th.  I’m so happy he is back in the same decade with me.  My mother brought this cake from Marigold’s Cafe and Bakery where they actually have a pasty chef from France. 


If I had a top 10 list food list and only one could be a dessert – it would be this cake.  Fabulous, fabulous.  While we were eating it, my daughter Lauren texted the pastry chef Sebastian, who is her friend, to find out how to make it.  He only gave ingredients but that was enough for my mother to waste no time in baking one this week.  My mother embroidered the beautiful tablecloth for me about 20 years ago and it only comes out for very special occasions.