Reading and More Reading

That’s pretty much all we have been doing the past few days.  Even though my mother and I eat exactly the same thing she has been nauseated for a few days so we can’t really go anywhere.  Steve arrives Tuesday and will take a bus here from Puerto Vallarta.  There is a bus every 20 minutes and the trip takes about an hour.   It’s going to cool down from the low 80’s to 74 tomorrow for a few days and we might even get some rain.


This property next door has a small RV park too.


My mom is looking good for being 83.  No photo-shopping and no surgeries either!


On our way to shopping downtown, we cross a bridge over this lagoon.  There’s just a narrow strip of sand between it and the ocean.  Guess I could have chosen a sunnier day for this picture but I don’t normally carry my camera since I’m always lugging groceries.