More Bad News

Last night my mother had a heart attack.

My brother called after we were asleep to say she had severe chest pains after she went to bed and he called an ambulance. Within one hour she had a heart catherization and stent inserted in the artery (the LAD) that caused the attack. The cardiologist discovered more blockages but said because of her age, 87, they won’t do bypass surgery which she needs.

Now the kicker:  She is being sent home tomorrow morning just one and a half days after a heart attack and stent placement!! All the guidelines say she should be in the hospital 3-5 days but the insurance system in this country wants to save money and not lives.  In this case it is Medicare, the national insurance for those over 65. There is a rule that she has to be in the hospital three overnights before she can have inpatient cardiac rehabilitation.  Thank goodness for my wonderful niece who is running interference, talking to medical staff, and now hurriedly trying to find some inpatient cardiac rehab that my mother will pay out of pocket for.

Never in a million years did I think she would have heart problems. That makes 5 out of 6 members of our family with  (two died) coronary artery disease. Me being the 6th that is so far so good.

We left Branson this morning as planned on our way to Minnesota to get the mattress which is already being manufactured and we have prepaid for it. No getting out of that. It might be ready Thursday instead of Friday and then I alone or Steve and I together will make a beeline to Colorado.

We drove a two lane road through pretty Missouri countryside today and are staying in the Walmart parking lot in Chillicothe for the night.  Hoping to do better on sleep tonight but right now some dragster with a noisy car is trying his best to disrupt the peace.