$1200 Gift

Just a couple of days before I went into Mexico in December I received an email from friend Tessa with a website link to information on a recall of Michelin tires and ascertained that ours were included.  Last week I finally drove Tulip to a tire store and they verified numbers and dates on the tires that showed we were in fact entitled to six new tires at no cost to us including free mounting. 

The only problem was that so many vehicles were affected by the recall that no Michelin tires of this kind were available for replacement.  Even the distribution center in Nevada had none and no one knew when any would be available.  However, we could get BF Goodrich tires instead.  I said no, as the warranty is 50,000 miles vs. 70,000 and the Michelins are considered to be better tires.  We would just wait since there is no expiration date on the recall and we are not traveling anywhere soon.

Lo and behold, three days later the tire store called and they had located some replacement Michelin tires in Denver.  So today I followed Steve to drop off Tulip to get her new tires. 


We have driven Tulip 72,000 miles and we have only bought tires once and even then we received a 40% adjustment discount.  Nice.

Here are links to recalls on several models of Michelin tires: