Back Into High Country

Leaving San Diego, we headed to Yuma to visit Joy, another possible Panama caravan member that we have become email friends with.  Joy was parked on BLM land with some members of the Boomers chapter of the Escapees Club.  Super nice, intelligent  people and all full timers.  I have to say that I have always envisioned full timers to be low income rednecks.  Boy, have I been proven wrong!   We would have liked to stay longer and get more “educated” in the ways of saving money on the road.  One couple makes a tank of water last 3 weeks.  Ours last 3 days!  One man told us he spends less than $1000 a year on campgrounds because he boondocks so much.  On to Tucson where we spent a night at a Flying J.  In exchange for listening to noisy trucks, we got free camping, water, and dump.  They also have the most blazing fast internet I’ve ever had so I was able to upload about 50 pictures in no time flat, whereas the KOA in San Diego was so limiting that I couldn’t upload even 1 photo.  Now we are in Lakewood, New Mexico at “The Ranches” visiting Bob, our caravan leader.  He is so kind to give Steve a spare CB antenna and the step-by-step instructions on mounting it to the RV.  The Ranches is an Escapee park which is a co-op.  Lots here go for $7500-$20,000 and then you have a home base to come and go to.  Most of the lots even have a little casita or a storage shed.  We are getting a late Thanksgiving dinner in just a short while and will leave tomorrow for San Antonio to spend a few days with a friend that goes back 35 years.  One week and we will be in Mexico!