Santa Cruz to San Diego

Rick and Kathy RV’d through Central America and to the bottom of South America in their little Tiger motor home.  We have been corresponding for the last year with mostly me asking tons of questions.  (Their blog is They plan to ship their RV to Europe this spring and we just might follow in March 2011.  Anyway, they happened to be in Santa Cruz the same time as us so we drove the short distance up into the hills to where they were staying and had a nice visit.  They have been full timing for 8 years and have so much knowledge compared to us but we’ll get there.
  IMG_0801 IMG_0807 IMG_0834
We continued following the coastal highway and managed to drive about 100 miles in 5 hours because the road has twists and turns and we kept stopping to look at the views.  The next stay was at Morro Bay State Park which was even prettier than New Brighton Beach SP.  I have to say California provides many beautiful state parks along the coast and plenty of turnouts to enjoy the views.  We continued on highway 1 all the way through Los Angeles and the adjoining towns.  Lots of stop and go but definitely more scenic and less stressful than the freeways.  We are now at a beautiful RV park centrally located in San Diego.  We already asked how much it costs to stay here for a month at a time because it’s so nice.  Of course, we also want to stay in San Francisco for a few months, Mendocino, Morro Bay, Laguna, etc.   I can’t believe all the flowers that are blooming everywhere and definitely see why southern California is so crowded.