When we decided to make this RV trip to Atlantic Canada, I didn’t have a clue about routing or what there was to see.  I had once ordered a brochure from a certain RV tour company because we seriously investigated taking their trip through Central America.  They also have tours to northeast Canada, among many other places.  Since this company already has experience perfecting the itinerary, and especially the routing through the provinces, we have been generally following their plan.  I have felt somewhat guilty about, in essence, stealing their information.   However there’s just no way we would pay $8,000 plus our fuel and food for a 2 month tour.  We went on the road in November and our monthly travel expenses have stayed well under $2000.  In fact, our monthly RV park average has remained a consistent $450 –+.  And we aren’t being overly frugal either.   Having an RV that has been averaging 19 mpg is the ticket to keeping our costs down.
Yesterday, we checked into a Good Sam park for a couple of days and the owner advised us there was a large caravan here and another due in today.  He advised that they might get noisy in the evening with socializing but he does put a stop to it if it gets late.  We decided to stay here anyway and after Steve got the RV situated he noticed all the caravan RV’s had stickers noting the name of the caravan company.  It was the same one as our brochure.  No more guilt feelings for me if they keep us up at night!  However, the park was absolutely quiet last night. 
IMG_4147 Luckily, we have a roomy site on the end of a row looking at the woods. Photo credit:  Steve.