Window Views

One more week until all our things go into storage and two more weeks until we leave.  Still can’t decide if we should get a cargo carrier for the back of our motor home.  More than likely, when we try to get everything in the MH that we want to take, the decision will be made for us.  I’ve been packing for storage by process of elimination and there’s still so much left over that I think we’ll need.  Winter clothes, summer clothes, smaller clothes in case I lose weight in the tropical heat (ha!).  One of the single females dropped out because of the fear factor.  But it looks like we have two more that are joining.  A single man with a class A and satellite internet so he is definitely an asset.  Then another couple with a VW bus are also interested in going.  That makes nine RV’s.  Bob, our leader doesn’t want any more than nine and I agree.  In fact, he was co-leader of an 11 RV caravan to Panama in 2004.  Eight days out and the group split in to two groups because of personality problems.  As time went by, those two split into even more  groups and Bob came back to the US alone.  So this trip is going to be v-e-r-y interesting.   In addition to missing my family, I am going to miss the interesting views from our windows.  Here are just a few:

20081201_117  AprilSnow DuskViewFromWindow 20081201_151 20090319_16 WindowWasher.jpg