No, we didn’t change our minds.  As my brother said yesterday, “you better go on this trip so I can watch your dog.”  I tore the house apart this morning looking for the checkbook.  After that, I started going through boxes.  FPA100544ound it in the sixth box!  I am spending more time on admin type work than packing and that’s why I am getting so disorganized.  Had to find a different company for homeowners insurance because Hartford  wouldn’t insure ours as a rental unless we had another primary residence.   Made appointments for solar and the other motor home work in Oregon for the week of Nov 9th.  We plan to leave Manitou Springs on Nov 6th.

We had visitors this week from a couple that will be in our caravan.  Jack and Chris are originally from Scotland and England but have been living in southern France the past 25 years.  They came to the U.S. a year ago, bought a motor home and have been traveling all over.  In fact, they already spent 4 months RVing around Mexico earlier this year.  They are so interesting and it will be such fun being around all these adventuresome people.