The fire totally blew up about 4:30 this afternoon when the containment line at Queens Canyon didn’t hold.  Suddenly there were 65 miles per hour winds that changed direction coming from the west and the fire came racing down the mountain.  Urgent evacuation orders were issued for more neighborhoods and the residents barely had time to leave.  We were watching a news media conference that included the fire management personnel, mayor, and sheriff and they were taken completely by surprise when this explosion of fire occurred.  I obtained these pictures from website.  Many homes have burned down and many more are burning at this moment.

The wind from the west immediately pushed the smoke down over the city.  There were massive traffic jams as it was the rush hour and thousands upon thousands of people were leaving the westside of town at the same time in the poor visibility.

The evacuation area covers almost the entire west side of Colorado Springs and we wonder what it will be by morning.  We don’t plan on sleeping tonight so that we can watch the news and leave again if we have to.

It was 101 degrees today and the weather will be just as bad tomorrow although there is a chance of rain.  In fact, a flash flood warning has been issued for the Waldo Canyon area where the fire began and now has no vegetation to retain the moisture.