Fire Update

We were allowed to return home last night but to remain on alert that we might have to leave again.  There’s a website that has a lot of information on all the fires in the U.S. called This fire is named the Waldo Canyon Fire.  There is a map that shows the fire has moved north and west away from us but is now threatening the town of Cascade five miles away, where Steve works, and also southern Woodland Park.  Steve is naturally not working at this time as Cascade has been evacuated and the highway is still closed.

It is very smoky and hazy here.  I don’t think many people returned to Manitou Springs last night because normally the hills across from us are lit up with house lights and last night it was pretty dark.

Having lived in Colorado off and on since I was nine, none of our family remembers that Colorado had this magnitude of fires years ago. And we have very rarely seen 100 degree temperatures, let alone in June of all months.

One good thing to come out of this is that Steve is now outside getting rid of all the dead branches that he keeps dumping around the house and I keep nagging him about.  The news reporters were saying how very important it is to keep the area around houses clear. 


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