Fire Getting More Aggressive Today

Fire information officer Greg Heule gave a grim prognosis for Tuesday afternoon firefighting efforts: “The entire perimeter of this fire is a concern.”
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Steve and I just got back from a short picture taking walk near our house in Manitou Springs. There is a lot of helicopter activity on this southern side of the fire again after being pretty quiet yesterday. Some evacuated residents were going to be allowed to go to their houses in Colorado Springs today for 30 minutes but that plan was cancelled an hour later.  IMG_9004
  This was taken from Lincoln Ave (the street above ours) looking towards highway 24 and the Cave of the Winds.
View to the north from one end of our street. These helicopters are dropping water in the area of Cedar Heights which is actually in Colorado Springs but borders Manitou Springs.
All clear from the side of our house with a westerly view towards Pikes Peak.
Devious Steve had us walk straight to an ice cream and candy shop and just happened to have enough money in his pocket for a scoop each of ice cream, my first in 6 months.  I had a coronary calcium scan last week and my results showed zero % calcification in every artery so I can relax a little.
The fire looks dangerously close but the wind is keeping it away. There is also a 4 lane highway between town and the fire; plus the firefighters are working very hard to keep it from crossing over.
Organizers are planning a “Mob Manitou” on Wednesday for people to come here and spend money in the shops and restaurants.