Brewery Tour–Not

A fairly large group of twenty+ from the RV park signed on for a Pacifico brewery tour for yesterday late afternoon.  We all took the pangas over to the city and then walked to the brewery.


The brewery is below in the tall buildings


We all knew in advance to wear long pants and closed in shoes but some of us had shoes closed in the front but open in the back.  One woman had closed flats and pants that reached just a hair above the ankle.  Not good enough.  Seven of us did not participate in the tour.   We sure weren’t going to have our day ruined and so we went to the rooftop of a hotel for drinks and 360 degree views.  This rejection turned out to be quite nice. 








I believe we were 12 floors high.  There’s an elevator to the first nine and then a stair climb the rest of the way.


When the brewery tour was over, most of the rest of the group met up with us on the rooftop where we subsequently split up to various restaurants in the area.  Our group went to a cozy restaurant in old town near the Plaza Machada. Afterwards we walked over to the busy plaza surrounded by several restaurants and listened to the musicians for a bit.

Since there were too many of us for a little golf cart taxi, we took a bigger taxi which was the back of a red pickup truck.  The driver turned his stereo up to the “YMCA” tune which everyone sang along to.


The evening was a blast and I especially enjoyed the camaraderie of the group.  Lots of laughter – lots of fun.