Botanical Gardens Again and Again

Steve has often heard me say that my dream would be to live next door to a botanical garden and here it is just a few steps away.  What could be better than an ocean and a garden residing almost side by side with just the RV park in between?  It’s interesting  that as many times as I’ve walked through the gardens, there has not been one other person inside other than a gardener and a watchman.


The watchman is usually outside the gate but when I go in he follows me at a discreet distance.  The first few times it unnerved me but now I think he is just watching for my safety since I’m alone.  He was smiling right before this picture was taken but many Mexicans don’t smile for pictures which is okay.



I doubt anyone is going to try and climb this fence.  It’s only in a small area and is more of a divider to the fruit tree garden.


The sun is reflected in the water above.  I am currently using a 30 day trial of Adobe’s Lightroom and I would say it’s a keeper. The picture below is what the one above looked like before a lot of corrections.  It’s a different shot but the one above was identical in it’s exposure.


It is fun looking at photo sites where the photographer displays the before and after picture and reveals what corrections they made.  I corrected the one above so much that I can’t even remember it all. I’m sure that if I was totally proficient with the software the picture would look better yet.






A large area has been set aside as a fruit tree garden.  Just a few of the trees have fruit on them now.



For the life of me, the name of this fruit escapes me.


There is a mass planting of this ground cover in front of the gate.  It is just starting to bloom and should be pretty spectacular soon.  The leaves are so shiny.


Last but not least is my personal favorite.  I walk over and look at this bougainvillea every day.  There are actually several growing on the outside wall.


  1. Katie weighs 12+ pounds. She first tried on one size but they seemed too big to me. The lady thought it was a good fit. But then we tried the ones I bought, and they are an “XS – Fits dogs 1 to 10 pounds.”

    I think because she is a Chihuahua her eyes are closer together maybe. The main thing, they said, is that the dog's eyes are in the center of the lens, and Katie's were with both pair. The XS just seemed to fit her head better.

    So… I would guess Molly would wear the next size up from XS. Plus Molly has a lot more hair around her face, of course the straps are adjustable. Good Luck!


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