Scrambling Today

Since we are driving to Miami in the morning, today was the day to wash clothes, pack, and clean house.  Two days ago I  emailed our contact at the port in Belgium and had not received an answer.  So first thing this morning I emailed a shipping agent whose name I had from another traveler and asked about taking delivery of Tulip Monday, April 18th and what paperwork did we need, and could we show up at the port in the morning.  I got an immediate response that first, several questions had to be answered and documents provided.  They wanted the proof of European vehicle insurance which we have and also a copy of the Bill of Sale.   Plus the title, our passport copies, and the Bill of Lading.  The last three were no problem as I have them on our PC so I emailed them right away.  Not providing these answers and paperwork in advance would prohibit us from taking delivery of Tulip for an additional 48 hours.  
Then I spent all morning trying and failing to connect to the wireless printer that’s in the house so that I could scan the insurance paperwork.   Finally, I just made copies and will mail that paperwork to Belgium tomorrow.
Bill of Sale:  I haven’t seen that paperwork in years as it’s not something we have needed other than initially registering the motor home.  So I emailed the Lichtsinn RV dealership in Forest City, IA on the off chance they might be able to retrieve a copy.  It’s been over five years since we purchased the RV.  Within minutes I received an email back from them that they had it and where should they immediately send it.  Now that is service!!