Six More Days

until my mother and I get on the road towards warmth although I have to say that so far we are having a mild winter in Colorado.  But not warm enough to wear the sundress that I altered today.

My vehicle permit arrived via DHL from Mexico City just five days after I ordered it online.  I then scanned and emailed the required documents and should get the final okay tomorrow if everything is good to go.  Bought vehicle insurance for Mexico online from Costco which, if you are a member, results in quite a savings.

Steve had me practice putting out the awning yesterday.  Boy is it complicated and hope I can remember all the steps when the time comes.  Also practiced attaching the sewer hose to the short sewer hose and good thing I did because I didn’t have the strength to get a good grip to detach the cap.  Steve filed it some and that made it better.

Our driveway slopes forward and so we have to use all our leveling blocks to get Tulip somewhat level.  My first attempt at leveling did not go too well.


  I was a little too far forward on the blocks and each time I put Tulip in reverse, I ended up rolling forward a bit more and a bit more.  Steve had to extricate Tulip from this situation.  Just 4,000 miles to go and I’m having problems in our own driveway!