Mexico Here We Come!

Steve is working full time and I’ve been on the fence about going to Mexico alone.  Not because I am afraid of anything happening, but more the fact that I would prefer to have another set of eyes when I’m driving, for navigation assistance and naturally for company.  I only have two fears……dumping and backing up. Well, now my brave 83 year old mother has decided to go with me and since she’s still quite sharp, she will be a big help.  The only downside will be her cooking.  She’s Austrian and you know what that means for my plant based diet with minimal sugar, no flour and no oil.  I will likely be a big dumpling by the time the trip is over.

We plan to leave Colorado on December 3rd  as long as it doesn’t snow or we aren’t having a windstorm.  Our destination is La Penita on the Rivera Nayarit……about 35 miles north of Puerto Vallarta.  Steve will fly down about the time we are ready to return so that he can have a little vacation himself and also to drive back with us.



  1. That sounds like a wonderful plan! Going with your 83 year old mother is a nice idea, I hope you make memories together that you will both cherish. And hubby will get a little vacation, too. I'm looking forward to your future posts. šŸ™‚


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