Geography of the Manitou Springs Floods

As I write this the flood warning siren is going off again – an every other day occurrence this past week. 

I have taken several walks in the flooded areas and taken a lot of pictures which I will post tomorrow or the next day.  In the meantime, here are a couple of pictures of where the flooding is coming from and also maps of the flash flood areas.


Williams Canyon ends where Canon Avenue in Manitou Springs begins.  There are miles of burn scar from last years Waldo Canyon Fire and when it rains on the denuded mountains, much of the water and mud and debris spills into this canyon.  This picture was taken from the Cave of The Winds terrace.Williams Canyon

Williams Canyon again.  In the distance you can see the highway 24 overpass and that is where Canon Avenue begins and also where most of the houses were destroyed or damaged.


The blue areas were flooded.  I know there was more flooding downstream but this is the center of Manitou that had so much damage.  (The little pink star is where our house is – safe high on a hill but only a few houses away from the mayhem).


Overall map of Manitou Springs

Well, hopefully there was no flooding from this warning.  We only received 10 minutes or so of a hard rain in town but the radar shows a big storm over the burn scar.