Parting Shots

Dick and Ginny from Colorado are camped next to us so we have been hanging out with them quite a bit.  One day we went a few miles up the road to check out the campground at Boca Beach.  It’s quite large but very few sites are overlooking the ocean and there didn’t seem to be a breeze like we have here.  However, the water is much calmer and more people are on the beach and in the water there.  Not too many brave people go in the water here although there is one dog that loves to surf.  The waves are once again very big and rough, there are whitecaps, but this dog dives right in. The dog watches for a big wave and then he races towards it and surfs back in.  There is a restaurant 2 blocks from here that you have to go to if you are ever in Melaque.  It’s call The Salamander and the food is gourmet quality. The tables are in a garden-like courtyard and the chefs kitchen is in the open.  They have shrimp almost the size of lobster tails.  We are going back again tonight with two other couples.  Yesterday for lunch we drove to Barre Navidad and went to a shrimp place called Freddies that’s very popular.  It opens at 1 pm sharp, then the shrimp truck arrives, and the place closes when the shrimp is gone.  A large shrimp cocktail is more than enough for two people having an estimated 30-40 large shrimp in it.  Barre Navidad is larger and more touristy than Melaque, but the streets are paved so it’s less dusty.  Another thing, if you ever vacation down here, don’t buy summer clothes until you get here.  There are loads of clothing shops with very nice bathing suits, sun dresses, shorts, etc. for cheap.  These clothes are made in Mexico and look to be good quality and are very nice.  Bathing suits are less than $20 and there’s a better selection than back home.  Makes me wonder why we don’t import more from Mexico and less from China.
The leader of the Panama caravan that we were going to go on quit and left before the group got to Puerto Vallarta.  Two women were traveling with him and they left six days into the trip because of personality problems.  There are about 10 RV’s remaining and they are continuing on.  We plan to start slowly north two days from now.  The following pictures are all taken from this hotel/RV park.
    Hotel Laguna del Tule
                                           Looking at Barre Navidad

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