Never Say Never

Between September and December of 2014 Steve and I took three cruises: One from Los Angeles to Australia, another from Australia to New Zealand, and the final one from Los Angeles to Hawaii and back. By the time the Hawaii cruise ended we had been on a ship for 53 days total and I told Steve that I never wanted to take another cruise again.  He said “Oh yes we will.”  Never say never or else you will be proven wrong!

But three things finally changed my mind for me: 1) Carnival Cruises made an offer I could not resist 2) My daughter Lauren has not had a real vacation in about 8 years and desperately needs to just relax a while 3) Although not particularly interested in going to the Caribbean, I spent the last three winters in a row south of the US and am craving some heat and humidity.

Steve and I have been on seven cruises, however our reason was to have an inexpensive way to visit the various destinations and not for the sake of cruising.  This trip will be more for relaxing and the cruise experience. Lauren and I have not booked any shore excursions and will play it by ear as to what we will do, if anything, on each island.

As I mentioned in my post Waiting, this cruise is costing less than 1/2 the normal price. When you look at the bottom of this page at the Categories list of all the places we have been in the past six years you might think we are well off. Not so and far from it. I think anyone can do what we have done with planning, thriftiness, a strong desire, and sometimes a little luck.  Where there is a will, there IS a way.

36 hours to departure!





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