Colorado to San Juan

San Juan, Puerto that is.  At first I wasn’t too keen to fly to San Juan in order to take this cruise but now I’m quite pleased. As far as Caribbean destinations, you don’t hear much about San Juan but it was an extremely pleasant surprise. Old San Juan reminds me a lot of the colonial part of Mazatlan with the same style of architecture and colorfully painted buildings. However Old San Juan is cleaner, with more shops, and even narrower streets that are cobblestoned. It is breezy and comfortable everywhere as this part of town is surrounded on three sides by water.

Hotels are expensive though! Old San Juan has mostly small, old hotels and from a conversation I overheard, not a one has an elevator. We were on the 5th floor. The front desk clerk carried our luggage up but I carried mine down yesterday. My arms needed the strength training. Daughter Lauren who is 32, doesn’t feel sorry for me and refuses to help which is to my benefit. And she has even forbidden me to take the elevators on this 12 deck ship.


Goodbye snow



Lauren and some interesting chairs in San Juan


A view from the rooftop of our hotel


Many building have wrought iron balconies


Parked next to a Holland ship, we had the quickest and easiest boarding ever. Next port is St. Thomas.


  1. Love seeing your gorgeous pictures! Is San Juan a place you would ever consider living? Just curious. Good for you getting good exercise, but don’t overdo it, please. You are an all-out girl! 🙂 I see you laughing at that Holland ship, being much happier on Carnival after your previous experiences. 🙂


    • I would have to spend a lot more time in San Juan to know that answer. I do like what I saw though, especially Old San Juan. Yes, I would not go on Holland even if the trip was free!


  2. I look forward to reports from the Elevator Deprived. 12 floors… yeah, whatever. Oh, Lauren, I forgot something… run up the stairs and get it for me, would you? Haha

    Looks beautiful. Enjoy that sun!


    • It’s only in my dreams that Lauren would run up (or down) stairs to get me something. She wants to make sure I am strong and independent until my last breath 🙂 Enjoying the warmth tremendously as a fierce snowstorm is bearing down on our hometown in Colorado.

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  3. GPS? Splendid idea! I am constantly asking Lauren which way to turn out of the cabin to get to the places I am going. We are on this ship for 10 nights and are just mostly in the eastern Caribbean. Today is our first sea day, meaning no stops, and if this internet will stay up long enough for me to write a post, I will.


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