Oh Oh

As you can see, I am fiddling around with my theme again.  The previous one was very attractive but I could not change the size of my pictures, or maybe I just couldn’t figure out how to.  WordPress is not as easy as Blogger.

I accidentally deleted my last post titled Selling Gold and if you didn’t get a chance to read it I am sorry.  It is nowhere to be found that I can see.

Learning how to use a  Mac, changing my blogging platform, and figuring out a new camera at the same time as packing up and planning a trip is a bit much all at once.

We went on a walk this morning and I took a few pictures so I might as well practice sizing a few while we have unlimited internet.  No pictures of me for a long time though.  I had a haircut today and asked to have 1/2″ taken off.  The hairdresser stood in front of me when she took the first cut of about 4″ and went way above my ear.  After that there was nothing to do but cut it short to make it balanced.  Steve suggested I purchase some earrings.  The hairdresser was a non-stop talker and so I doubt she heard a word I said about how I wanted my hair cut.  But how do you ask to please have a hairdresser who concentrates on cutting and not jabbering?



This is the back of the Mate Factor.  It’s a little café in Manitou Springs owned by a religious group called The Seven Tribes.  The food is very fresh and they have great mate teas and tofu wraps.  It’s also the local late night hangout because they are open all night long.





P1000143Molly collapsed in front of the porch when we arrived home – too tired to go inside.


  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your haircut. On Christmas Eve 2012, I had the same haircut – and I haven’t cut it since. I was so mad she cut it so short, but like you, once one side was done, it was too late. I have to say, I’ve enjoyed some of the lengths growing it out, and I’m loving my long hair right now; give yourself some time, it WILL grow out.

    One of these days I want to get an Apple computer, too. Every time I replace a computer I think about it, but the cost is just so much more. Oh, well, some day. Good luck with the learning curve, I’ll bet you’ll love it when you’re more used to it. 🙂


    • Barbara, Your hair is gorgeous now that it is long. I just don’t understand why hairdressers do this and it’s not a seldom occurrence either.

      One of the reasons I bought the Mac is to not have to replace so often. This one should last for many years. I love that it boots up instantly (I bought the one with retina display and a solid state drive) and some of my pictures that I considered throw-aways on the old PC look so good on here. It is a bit worrisome that photos look better than they really are but I’ll take what ever I can get 🙂


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