Furniture Is Gone

Steve and two of his brothers moved all our furniture out and into storage yesterday. Steve and I had already moved all the boxes and some little pieces of furniture so what was left wasn’t a huge job. We had given our dining room furniture to my daughter and managed to sell more odds and ends on Craigslist recently.  We sure appreciated Ron and Bill pitching in and saving us from hiring movers.  Steve is taking them out one night before we leave and I bought a bunch of good eats from a German deli for lunch yesterday.


Steve, Ron, and Bill….the mover brothers.

Eight years ago all of our belongings required a 12×30 storage unit. Four years ago we needed a 12×20 and now we are in a 10×15. The more we get rid of, the more freeing it feels.  We have a little folding table and chairs from the RV that we are using in the house while we finish packing up and cleaning.  And of course we sleep in the RV at night.

One more week and we  will be on our way.  I can’t wait because September is allergy season (in addition to March, April, May) for me and in the last few days it has hit early.  On top of that, I had some medical tests recently and found out that I need to be on oxygen at night but my cardiology doctor thinks that when I leave this high altitude I will be okay.  Much as I love it here I don’t think we can move back.  But there just aren’t many other places I can see moving to.  The south of France? 🙂  Maybe Mazatlan or Puerto Vallarta.  San Francisco would be ideal but it is not affordable for us.

Steve and I went on a clothes shopping binge two days ago at Kohl’s.  I love that store.  The original price of everything we bought was almost $600 but we paid $185 for 16 items.  Then we received a cash back coupon for $30 that gave us two more items yesterday.  Some people think Kohl’s is expensive but the mark downs are phenomenal.  Plus there is an extra 15% off on Wednesday’s for seniors.  In return for Steve getting new clothes I have forced him to throw out things he has worn since we met 20 years ago!

I had a marathon session one day this week finishing most of the travel reservations.  The main chore was researching every port we are stopping at and reading up on all the shore excursions and alternatives.  Many of the prices are downright ridiculous.  Can you believe over $1000 for a 1/2 day private car and guide – which is not on our radar anyway but still!  One six-hour excursion that appealed to us was a waterfall hike but costs $170 each.  No way…….even if we were rich.  Where we can, we will do our own thing.  Out of about 20 some port calls, I booked around 10 excursions.  What to do in Australia will be the most difficult to decide so we are going to wing it and surprise ourselves as we go.  We have not rented a camper van and don’t know if we will.