Last Night of Cold?

Leaving Colorado today, the drive couldn’t have been better.  Blue sky and no wind all the way to Albuquerque and the sunset was a beautiful red.  We don’t get to see nice sunsets in Manitou Springs because this time of year the sun plops down behind the mountain across from us around 2:30 in the afternoon.  We are spending the night at the San Felipe Casino just north of the city.  They have an RV park next to the parking lot and it’s free as long as we don’t need electricity which we don’t.  It’s quiet and there are at least 10 other RV’s here.  It’s in the 20’s tonight so we have our catalytic heater going.  We should be enjoying warmer weather later tomorrow.


  As expected Molly Dog was in my lap panting the entire day. And her breath is worse than bad. We called our vet’s office last week to get her teeth cleaned and they wanted between $500-$800.  I had the desk person repeat that several times because I thought my hearing was bad. We will check with some vets in Yuma.


  1. Glad to see you are on your way! Check out a vet in Algodones as well. I get my teeth cleaned in Mexico for about $10 and I can't see why a dog should have to pay more!


  2. I have a printed quote from 11/2006 for my black lab's teeth cleaning and it totals $613.80! About $230 was for the actual teeth cleaning, about $100 was included for tooth extraction if needed, and the rest had to do with anesthesia I believe.


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