Ashes and Flames


The sky looked like it was on fire as we drove west this evening.   Just spectacular.  I guess people who live in the southwestern part of the U.S. are used to these shows in the sky. 


Vendors travel to Colorado Springs every year and set up roasters by the side of the road to sell Hatch chili peppers.  These peppers are known to be pretty tasty and my mother always buys a bunch to freeze.  I didn’t realize until today that there is a town in New Mexico called Hatch.  It’s in the southern part of the state and is on the shortcut route to access 1-10 from 1-25.  There are shops like this one all over town.  Kind of surprising that vendors drive 500 miles to Colorado Springs just to sell peppers.


There must have been a hard rain recently as it’s unusual to see water in Arizona.


IMG_7474One of the reasons Steve does most of the driving is because I like taking pictures out of the window while we’re going down the road.

Anyway, we are parked for the night at a Flying J Truck Stop in Eloy, Arizona.  We tried to stay at Camping World in Tucson but they don’t allow overnight parking and even have a guarded gate.  And hooray we won’t need our heater tonight.  This morning it was 46 inside Tulip when we woke up even though we had the heater on low all night.  The windshield was covered in ice – on the inside!

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