Near Yuma


Last year we stayed at the RV park that is located with the Dateland Travel Center and walked through this date grove.  It’s very pleasant here as long as you don’t mind freight trains every 1/2 hour which we didn’t.  The travel center sells  6 or so different varieties of dates from these trees.  We bought a delicious creamy kind called Honey Dates. There is also a free dump at the abandoned gas station across the road from Dateland.


This is our view from the Quechan Casino RV parking lot and now I regret not bringing my good camera.  We stayed here last year in December and the cost was $5 a night but now it is free.  There are at least 150 RV’s here so the casino is getting some good business.  Since we skipped lunch we splurged and had the buffet tonight which was $12.99 per person but is better food than last year. The temperature is just perfect….we didn’t even need long sleeves for a walk this evening.  We are actually about 5 miles over the state line into California and Algodones, Mexico is just 2 or 3 miles from here. 

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