Dentistry Day

We spent most of the day at the dentist in Algodones and it was painful for Steve and the pocketbook. We went to a different one this year by asking some Canadians on the street who they recommended. It’s so hard to choose because there are a few hundred dentists in town. Anyhow, my teeth are fine and I didn’t need anything done other than the cleaning ($20).  That was a totally different story from last year because two different Mexican dentists and my Colorado dentist said I needed upwards of 10 crowns.  So I decided to have my teeth whitened with this new found savings. Well, I thought whitening would be a simple process. The dentist put a plastic thing inside my lips that I found out too late was to protect my gums from the acid they put on the teeth.   After a while the plastic was pinching on part of my gum and I reflexively put two fingers to my gum to move it not realizing that would cause the acid to leak onto my gums and fingers which burned terribly. The dentist immediately had to remove everything and frantically rinse the rest of the acid off. Maybe it wasn’t really acid but that is the word the dentist used.  At that point I didn’t want a redo. So they just charged me $20 for the kit that they unsuccessfully used.  It was really my fault – not the dentist at all.  My dentist is pictured below on the right in blue.


Last year Steve was told he had something like 10 cavities but he didn’t have anything done about it.  Plus he has had a tooth hurting for 3 years ever since his Colorado dentist filled it and it had gotten very painful recently.  It turned out to be cracked in the root and so the dentist had a specialist come into the office to pull it and do an implant.  Steve was in the chair over 4 hours and will have more work done next week.  At least it will all be taken care of and behind us then.  We paid for today’s work and then one of the dentists came to me and offered (without my asking) that a discount will be given for the rest of the work next week.  So all totaled it is costing $2465 for two exams, 2 teeth cleanings, 1 extraction, 1 implant, 1 implant temp crown good for a year, 3 veneers, 2 crowns, and 13 fillings.  I couldn’t guess what this would cost in the U.S.  I think a crown is about $1000 these days.

After we left the dentist’s office we went to a pharmacy to fill a prescription from the dentist for pain pills and antibiotics.  The pharmacist was a real friendly guy and to make a very long story short he had Steve come to the other side of the counter and I took their picture.  In the US it is a federal law that customers cannot go behind the counter in a pharmacy.  I love the relaxed way of doing business in Mexico and the extremes to which businesses go for customer service.  The atmosphere is always so happy and casual. 


At least Steve is smiling even though his mouth is a bit lopsided.