Heart Surgery

Steve’s Dad who is 86, had his heart valve surgery this morning in Kansas City.  Steve talked to his sister and she said everything went well.  I know everyone is much relieved that it is over with.  Heart valve surgery is a simpler operation now than when Steve had it 18 years ago.

We drove back into Yuma today since we had errands to run and then decided to stay at the Cocopah Casino until Monday.  RV parking is $5 for three nights but the spaces are huge and are asphalt instead of dirt making breathing a little easier.  We lucked out because the only spot that has it’s own patio, grass and landscaping was available.  It’s at the total opposite end of the casino so it’s very quiet here other than jets flying overhead from the Naval base nearby.  We just got back from having the yummy all you can eat seafood and prime rib buffet for $11 each.


The only drawback to this spot is no sun for our solar panels.  Hopefully there will be enough sun in the morning for charging the batteries.

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