Doing Fine

Overnighting at the Cocopah didn’t turn out to be all that great and then we remembered that last year we only stayed 2 nights even though we paid for 3.  It’s very nice and quiet during the day but there is a race track across the road that gets going in the evening until past our bedtime.  Unlike last year, there are not too many RV’ers staying there anymore because the casino has limited RV’ers to 3 nights unless 200 points are accumulated on the players club card and then a discount is given.  So that means spending over $100 in the casino to get a discount on the $5 for three nights.   As Tioga George often says, “hmmmmm?” 

So now we are parked (free) at the third casino in the area called the Paradise. We’re told it’s the quietest.  Our Verizon internet gets a good signal here and we’re closer to Algodones than the Cocopah.  Hopefully tomorrow all of Steve’s dental work can be completed in one sitting.  A friend arrived in Yuma yesterday and we’ll meet on Tuesday and then Wednesday get on the road again. 

I think I finally know what our plan is.  Unfortunately I don’t believe we will be going deep into Mexico (drats!) because the dentist is eating up all our vacation money but we will at least go to Puerto Penasco on the Gulf of California in Mexico.  That will happen after a Winnebago View rally in Quartzite that starts the end of next week. 

Steve’s Dad was moved to a room just 24 hours after his surgery and is doing really well.  In fact Steve already talked to him on the phone yesterday.  Steve’s family are all very hearty people, young for their age, and so many of them live into their 100’s that they are blasé about it.


  1. The last time we asked to park overnight at Paradice Casino, we were told “No”. The reason? A previous motorhome had dumped their sewer in the middle of the parking lot! It was declared Hazardous Waste and cost the casino thousands to have cleaned up. I am glad to see they are RV friendly again.


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