The last few days have been rainy and cold.  We were in the pretty Eifel forest region of Germany which is not very populated considering it’s so close to many of Germany’s  industrial cities.  Today we are in Kleve, just across the border from Holland, relaxing for a few days in a nice park that is inexpensive and has free internet.  I haven’t taken any pictures lately so I’m posting some random ones taken on this trip.
We are again shipping the motorhome from Belgium and hoping for the best.  However, we are shipping Tulip to Halifax because we have been told that is usually safer as far as theft.  Also, if we ship to the U.S. everything has to be out of the motor home and shipped separately.  We are allowed to have items related to camping remain in the motor home when going to Canada. Most everything of value was already stolen so we have less to worry about this time and less to hide.  I’ll write more about that when Tulip is back in the U.S. And if someone wants to steal the cheap plastic dishes we bought in Germany they are welcome to them.  We will fly to Colorado and start moving into our house immediately as our renters will already be out.  Then Steve (and hopefully my brother) will fly to Halifax to drive Tulip back to Colorado. 

This farmer and horse statue are alive with ground cover.


Is this what dry docked means?

The dumpster at this Aires in France was full so look what the overflow is.
The small print on this car says “Medical Face Remodeling”.  I can’t really figure out if it’s an advertisement for cosmetic surgery or what.

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