Monthly Expenses

This past month was fantastic considering we traveled so much in France.  Our month actually ends at midnight but we aren’t going anywhere today to spend money.  Again, these figures have been converted to dollars.

Groceries 288.56
Diesel Fuel 660.23
Overnight/Water/Dumping 81.51
Propane 52.51
Toll Roads 79.37
Eating Out 93.21
Internet 5.58
Laundry/Showers 14.30
Medical Zero
Supplies/Miscellaneous Zero
Entry Fees 78.08
       TOTAL $1353.35

Who would have ever thought you could travel in Europe for a month in an RV for just $1350?  That’s about what it cost us each month in Mexico.  (Although in Mexico we stayed in full hookup campgrounds every night, ate out often and also had someone doing our laundry every week). 
And we were lucky to have no medical and we bought absolutely nothing – not even a postcard.  It’s really easier to not buy things in Europe vs. the US because the prices are so ridiculously expensive here that temptation is nil. 
And we probably should be in the Hall of Shame for not eating one single meal in a French restaurant.  Our eating out consisted of ice cream cones/coffee and cake in a café/ and McDonalds a couple of times.
Down the street is the best supermarket we’ve been in this trip so we did stock up yesterday and shouldn’t be buying many more groceries before leaving.


  1. How does Internet work in France? You pay by the minute?

    Yeap, I can't believe you don't even try at least one French meal!

    May you both continue to have good health!!! 🙂


  2. France has been the easiest country for internet because it is free and unlimited at all the McDonalds and there is a McDonalds at least every 25 miles or less. Internet is also available at Quick Hamburger places too. If we park close to the front we can get it just by staying in the RV. In Germany, we bought a Blau Sim card because we have to sign on with the phone number at the McDonalds log in screen. Then we immediately receive a text with a PIN to enter and we're good for an hour. We couldn't get internet in Italy at McDonalds because an Italian phone number is required in that country. Many RV parks require you to pay extra for wifi so we don't even bother to stay in campgrounds. They charge extra for every little thing. (Per camper, per person, per shower, for electric, per dog, wifi, sometimes for water).


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