We have been a bit lazy this past week and have not done much sightseeing.  I’ve been reading some books that I couldn’t put down (U.S.S. Seawolf and The Innocent Man).  Today we did go to the Veluwezoom National Park and then tried and tried to find the Kroller-Muller Art Museum and Sculpture Garden.  This museum has the second largest collection of Van Gogh paintings in the world as well as paintings by many other famous artists. The miles we drove and the backtracking got us so frustrated that we finally gave up.  We found one entrance but our RV was too tall to go through the barrier and so the guide sent us 9 kilometers to another entrance and we just couldn’t find it.
Can you see the frog?  We did get to see some nice gardens in the national park which had no entry fee. 
Everyone knows that Holland is very big on bicycle riding.  It’s amazing to see so many riders and some are in their 80’s and probably 90’s.  No one in Holland is overweight either.  Of course Holland is perfect for bicycling since there are no hills (that I have seen yet) and almost every single street and road has bicycle lanes.  The picture below shows you how much space is allotted for cars on this particular road vs. bicyclers.  You can see the bikes get two lanes and the cars have one.
After we struck out not finding the museum we drove 100 miles north to find a washing machine.  That’s how desperate we are to wash clothes.  The last time we had access to a washing machine was in Chaumont, France where we actually paid to stay in a regular campground just to wash clothes.  Unfortunately, they had one cheap American washer that got our clothes dirtier than they started out.  Now we are at a campground on a farm and I don’t know what button I pushed wrong on the washer but our first load took 3 full hours!  That means we will stay tomorrow just to get two more loads done.  It’s really nice here though.  There’s a refrigerator in the campers building with all sorts of goodies from the farm.  We are so far from the next camper that we could not throw a ball that far.  Speedy internet too.  I just downloaded a book to my Kindle and for some reason was under the impression there was a $5 surcharge from Europe but it was the regular price.