Monet’s Garden

Before visiting Claude Monet’s house and gardens we stopped for one day in Honfleur.  Many painters were inspired to paint scenes of the port and historical houses.  Also, many famous navigators explorers set sail from Honfleur to discover the New World.  The city is very crowded with tourists and I liked the sidewalk restaurants where each one had decorated their tables in different color schemes with the awnings giving them all warm hues.

After four months in Europe you would think that by now we would have thrown our GPS out the window.  But no, once more we gave it our trust to get us to Giverny.  I know one of my readers has been there and would know about the tiny lane running through the tiny town where no cars are allowed.  Try extracting yourself from there with an RV!  Not to mention everyone that is pointing and smirking at us.  Why didn’t we just do Rome, Paris, London and get to these places on the freeways like everyone else?



It was hard to fully enjoy the beautiful gardens and house because of wall to wall tourists.  We were allowed to spend the night in the parking lot and thought that by going to the gardens at opening time we would be ahead of the crowds. Not so.

Giverny and Monet’s garden was yesterday.  Last night we stayed in Charle-M——-(can’t remember) but it’s close to Belgium.  So today we drove into Belgium (and wondered if we would be able to pass through this arch) and then made a detour to Luxembourg to get gas because it only added 3.5 miles to where we planned to stay tonight.  Right now we are in that little corner where Belgium, Luxembourg, and Germany all meet.  I can’t wait to buy some hearty German bread tomorrow.  And we are not sure where to spend our last 3 1/2 weeks in Europe.  All we know is that we will stay north and cool.


  1. This is over way too soon! Are you taking any further precautions to prevent a repeat of the looting of the RV on the way over? Install a motion detector – flame thrower or something?


  2. What I would REALLY like to do is hide myself in the RV while it's being shipped and then when a thief comes in I would be ready with our bear spray and a nut crusher.
    By ~Evelyn and Steve~ on Monet’s G


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