Skies were blue yesterday making for a great day to walk around downtown Austin








We went to the Austin Museum of Art but it was mostly modern art.  We planned to go to another museum after we saw the capitol but something big crawled up my pants leg and as soon as I tried to scratch it, it appeared in another spot.  I finally got a hold of it through my jeans and it was BIG!  I smashed it and it fell out.  It was some kind of big brown grass hopper.  Ugh!  So we hurried in the opposite direction back to our RV so I could clean up and change. The power of suggestion even made Steve think something was crawling up his leg. He’s so weird sometimes!




   The Texas capitol building is higher than our nations capitol









The rotunda has several levels (more than this camera could capture)








      Everyone, including us, craned necks to  see to the top of the dome.










      The capitol building is a must see!!





   A healthy lunch in a Moroccan restaurant just two blocks from the capitol was delicious and reasonable.

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