I can’t have enough of them – especially electronics.  Backtracking to over a year ago, I goofed when purchasing a laptop that only has a battery life of 2 hours. Therefore, it has to be recharged constantly and this time of year our solar panels are struggling due to the sun being low on the horizon if it even shines at all.  So yesterday, I bought this inverter at Radio Shack that you see plugged into the cigarette outlet.  It allows for the GPS to be plugged in at the same time it charges the PC.  And there’s a USB port too.  At this very moment Steve is driving down the highway while I take these pictures, upload them to the PC, get online using our Verizon broadband connection, and write and then send this post.  I’m so envious of younger people who will have years and years  ahead of them to enjoy all the ever evolving technology.
DSC_0330  Speaking of highways, when we left Rita’s house this morning we told her we were going to Corpus Christi. Half way through San Antonio we saw a sign for Laredo and took that highway instead.  THEN I looked at the map and saw that there are more towns around McAllen in the Rio Grande Valley and they are also further south, hence warmer maybe.  So we got off I-35 and zipped across to I-37. Who knows where we will end up tonight. 

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  1. Hi, Evelyn and Steve,
    Keep on coming on down and check out McAllen! There are plenty of RV parks in the area (over 500, in fact) so Tulip ought to be able to find a nice temporary “home.”
    Places you must see: Quinta Mazatlan (birding center and historic home); International Museum of Art & Science (a Smithsonian affiliate which has its own Picasso collection and the country's largest collection of Mexican folk art);the Entertainment District (renovated old buildings now housing restaurants, nightclubs, lounges); and the Arts District (check out the new Arts Village). You MUST try some of our specialty restaurants- we have over 600 places to eat in town! Try The Patio on Guerra, El Divino, El Pato (local fast food chain that's famous), Santa Fe Steak House, Costa Messa- just a few of our many great choices. Stop by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce (1200 Ash Avenue) when you get here and we'll give you loads of info and ideas!


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