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Some of you probably couldn’t sleep last night wondering where we ended up!  Mission, Texas.  The temperature increased by only one degree going over 200 miles further south so we got an RV park site for three days until the weather clears.  It’s a good chance to do laundry and tackle our lists of “To Do’s.”  In a few days it will be nice outside and then we can sightsee.
We have bought quite a few books at used book stores and also received several from friend Tessa who RV’ed in Europe summer before last. Today was a good time to lay them out and see what we had. Looks like there’s a good selection for Italy, Greece, France, Portugal, and Germany.  So many countries to go………….. We still have not received any of our order from Vicarious Books in the UK.  I’ve lost count of the back and forth emails.  They sent the order in three different packages and only one was received – empty.  Twice I gave them another address in Texas to resend this particular package since we would no longer be in San Antonio.  Three times I asked them to verify where they mailed it to.  After the second time they told me Texas.  Third email they told me San Antonio!  I’ve asked four times when did they send the other two packages.  Finally got an answer today and it was Dec 11th.  These books are all camping books for different countries including one for Morocco along with a good map of that country.

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