Shipping News

Jacksonville, Florida is our departure port of choice to ship Tulip to Zeebrugge, Belgium.  The schedules for March have been posted and now we have two different dates to plan with.  March 14th or the 28th.  Tulip has to be dropped off 4 business days prior to sailing and altogether this gives us just over three weeks to wait on her arrival at the other end.  Initially we planned to ship Tulip to possibly coincide with an inexpensive repositioning cruise that makes a stop in Zeebrugge.  This would give us 12 days of room, board, and transportation plus some fun.  But that particular cruise doesn’t leave Florida until April 23rd and we don’t want to wait that long and miss out on good weather. That leaves us with some choices:

1) Rent a car, stay in hotels, and pay for restaurant food in the Florida area for 3 weeks.
2)  Hope that another repositioning cruise that is 22 days long, makes a port call in Zeebrugge, and coincides with our shipping and arrival dates drops it’s prices drastically.
3)  Spend the money to take inexpensive last minute cruises around the Caribbean to wile away the time.
4)  Fly back to cold Colorado and stay at my mother’s house and save a bunch of money.
5)  Fly directly to a European city that we would not be inclined to travel around/in with Tulip, and try to find an inexpensive place to stay.
What’s your vote? Any other ideas? (Couch surfing is not an option).


  1. Your heart ( and head) will already be in Europe….Pick an adventure that would be best without Tulip and go for it! Any plan will cost money, so you might as well start the great tour, keeping expenses in check and getting orientated to life overseas. Florida is not an option!! It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how!!!


  2. Amen, Montsweag! I agree 100%. Pick a different cruise, fly around on Ryan Air and have fun. If you go sulk in CO, I shall come shake you. 🙂 Tez


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