Bon Voyage

Nothing like plunging right in.  The last few days we (friend Tessa and I) have been analyzing RV shipping dates vs. four separate transatlantic cruises.  We are gambling that Tulip makes it out of port on the schedule we want, otherwise we will have a budget busting 24 days to stay in hotels.  But one cruise in particular was just way too good of a deal to pass up.  I like to use because all of the cruise lines sailings can be seen at once.  The cruise we will take cost $649 each for 14 days and sails from Miami to the Bahamas, the Canary Islands, Cadiz, Malaga, Valencia, with a final destination of Barcelona.  I went to the Royal Caribbean website and they didn’t have any cabins available at the $649 rate (we got a $50 discount each for being over 55) and so I called Vacations To Go to find out how many cabins were left. Three!  And when the agent assigned us a room it got taken before he hit enter.  So there were two left.
There was one other cruise that we would have liked better because it was 20 days long and stops in Zeebrugge, Belgium, where we are shipping Tulip to, but it was $750 more each.  Now if they drop that price considerably later on, we might have to see what the charge is to make the switch.

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