LBJ Library

P1070959Our Austin list of “must sees” is fairly lengthy and today we crossed off the Lyndon B. Johnson Library.  Admission is free and I was happy that a good portion of the library is devoted to Lady Bird’s life and legacy.  She has always been my favorite First Lady because of her conservation and beautification of America accomplishments.
We saw Rick and Kathy off this morning as they are going to the west coast and have much to do before going back to Europe next month.  They plan to go straight to Morocco with their RV and we’ll be looking forward to reading about those travels on their blog. 
Over a year ago when we started traveling we looked for an RV park every night.  But then we gradually started looking to stay the night for free, particularly since we move almost every day.  We went to Walmart #2133 in Austin this afternoon and a security guard immediately pulled up along side us in his vehicle.  We thought “oh-oh”.  He asked if we were looking to stay the night and we said yes.  He showed us where to park, welcomed us several times, told us we could stay 3 or 4 days if we wanted to, asked if there was anything he could do for us, and then said he would tell the night security person to keep an eye on us.  Wow!  People are definitely friendly and nice here in the south and it feels good. 

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