World RV’ers

That would be Kathy and Rick who have been travelingP1060950 for about 8 years now in their various RV’s.  Last year they returned from a year long RV trip through Central America and on to the southern most part of South America.  In March of this year they shipped their RV to Europe for several years of travel.  Right now they are in the U.S. for two months and since we both happened to be in Texas at the same time we met up in Marble Falls this afternoon.  Actually, we first met Rick and Kathy in California last year in November after corresponding for about a year.  Tonight we all went out to eat at the Blue Bonnet Café for some good southern cooking and their famous pies. 
We had a list of questions for them about RVing in Europe.  For instance: What are you buying in the U.S. to take back?  Answer:  Lots of toothpaste because it cost about 4 times as much in Europe. What else?  Bisquick and smaller containers of salt.   They gave us a number of worthwhile items we should buy beforehand such as a Water Thief from Camping World because most of the time our U.S. sized hose connector will not fit on European faucets.  Rick and Kathy have a wonderful website of their travels with beautiful pictures.  Take a look.

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