New Braunfels

We stop at every Camping World on our routes because there’s always some plumbing/sewer item Steve needs.  So when we left the one in New Braunfels, Texas today I set the GPS for the nearest park to take a lunch break.  It was only five miles to the very nice Cypress Bend Park sitting on the Guadalupe River.  We ate our lunch and then took a walk where we met a man who told us about an even nicer park to visit, Landa Park.
   Ropes hanging from these trees where kids evidently swing from and jump into the water. 


There’s a nice walk along the river


  The water is a pretty green and this retriever was having a blast.  His owner told us about  Landa Park.

The Comal artesian springs at Landa Park is the largest spring system in the American southwest.  The Comal River in the park, which feeds into the Guadalupe River, claims to be the shortest river in the world.  Last year we saw the D River in Lincoln City, Oregon which also made that claim.  The D River is 440 feet long and the Comal is 2 1/2 miles long. 


These were the cleanest and clearest waters I have ever, ever seen.  You could see every little leaf and rock lying in the water plainly.

There are many beautiful ducks, swans, and geese in the park.