El Jarro

We wiled away the afternoon in Barnes and Noble bookstore with me drooling over travel books.  The selection here is so much better than other stores we’ve been in but I resisted and didn’t buy any.  I’ve noted the ones I want and perhaps can find them through one of the used book websites.  I did however buy a Corel Paintshop Pro book that I have been looking for in order to try and teach myself how to use layers and masks.  
Then it was out to treat Rita for her hospitality in putting up with us.  We went to El Jarro restaurant for some very good Mexican food.  I had Portobello mushroom enchiladas and they were so unique tasting and delicious. 
We’re leaving San Antonio tomorrow to wander around the hill country and then on Thursday we will have a meet up with some friends that are traveling Europe in their RV but are now in the US for a couple of months. 

  I didn’t take this picture of the San Antonio skyline.  This is a large wall picture in one of the information centers that I took a picture of.

   This bird was along the Riverwalk

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